Who do you get when you hire Christopher “CHAMPIAM” Hampton? Christopher Hampton is an entertaining, energetic and engaging presenter. He is your everyday leader, but not an everyday speaker!

He delivers dynamic keynotes, workshops, seminars, and customized messages for your specific event. His down-to-earth humor and impeccable wisdom compel individuals, corporations, and organizations to laugh while they learn, leaving them with tools and strategies to develop top-notch leaders.


Every organization is different, and your presentations should be too. Christopher has numerous keynote presentation topics that can be tailored to your organization’s culture.


Recognizing worth. Embracing uniqueness. Accepting resistance. Living life like it is worth it. What does an authentic leader look like? How does an authentic leader show up?

 The Art of Being Flexible

This presentation was developed to train leaders on the art of being flexible. Topics include dealing with crises, problems, and “issue-ations,” how to be innovative and creative, and getting your team to think forward in the middle of difficulties.

 Developing Passionate Leaders

This presentation covers common leadership issues such as the making of a leader and the cost of learning how to lead, develop people, and handle conflict resolution.

 Too Big for This Life

This presentation was created to help leaders to break out of their comfort zone and embrace passion and purpose.

 Who Me? Yes, You!

This presentation was created to help leaders see their reflections differently and identify they already have what they need to embrace their passion, purpose, and greatness.

 I Can See Clearly Now My Vision Is On

This presentation was created to help leaders recognize that you’re not easily distracted when you have a clear vision.


This presentation was created to help leaders identify the three fears that control, confine, and constrict them from stepping out on their vision, dreams, and purpose.

Christopher Hampton
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